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Used Tires – New Tires – Rims

Used tires start at $30.00 New tires start at $60.00

Our Showroom

Tread Setters offers the best deals for used and new tires and rims in Petersburg and the Tri-Cities. No matter your needs, our price always includes proper mounting and computer balancing of your tires. We carry hundreds of used tires which include sets of four, pairs and individual tires. We maintain an inventory of tires from all the major brands and tread depth from sizes thirteens to twenty-sixes.

At Tread Setters, we take our used tires very seriously. We go above and beyond the typical tire shop to ensure our customers’ needs are met.

Tread Setters only employs highly trained and certified tire technicians. Our technicians go through numerous hours of training and are knowledgeable and aware of state of the art technology and skills required to work in the tire industry.

Our mission is to provide a quality used tire at a great price. Unlike our competitors, we take pride in our customer service making sure the job is done right the first time.

Commercial Grade Products

Tire Shine
Wash and wax
Showroom Shine
Water Based Vinyl Dressing

Wheel Brightner
Window Cleaner
Air Fresheners

NEW: We now offer Wholesale Used Tires at great prices.

Our goal is to satisfy our customers with used tires that are safe. We want our customers to leave our shop able to ride with out the fear of sudden blow outs. Tread Setters offers a 30 day warranty on all used tires.